I cried over spilt milk. By Leen Van Dommelen & Charlotte Flamand, 07/02 @19h30

07/02 @19h30

We, at Espronceda, are very proud to present the second edition of the Prize Espronceda/Arba-Esa on the importance of best practice in the contemporary art and the role of the residency for the young artists at the beginning of their career. Espronceda and the Royal Art Academy of Brussels are collaborating together for the past three years in order to research on how to help young artists in having time and space to create and work independently, without any influences, in facilitating and catalysing artists’ abilities to move across the world fostering a meaningful creative period in their carrer.  This period of freedom allows the artists to develop a deeper understanding of their limits, potentialities, and fears, moreover this period enables the young artists to do field work, to work on site, to collect, to experiment, to research and to generate new perspectives. The prize aims to underline the importance to create a bridge among universities, arts centers and galleries for building new alliances. This collaboration wants to demonstrate and underline the role of residency while taking into account this contemporary artistic practice. The project is under the responsibility of Savina Tarsitano together with the artistic coordinator Vincenzo Pezzella. The prize includes an artistic residency, mentor, seminars, round tables for a wider dialogue at European and International level. This year we are pleased to host the two young artists: Charlotte Flamand (France) and Leen Van Dommelen (Belgium). This year’s price is under the partnership of the city of Brussels.


on the 7th of February at 19.30 round table moderated by Savina Tarsitano on: “the relation between art, performance and body language: towards new challenges, borders and alliances” n presence of Vincenzo Pezzella artistic coordinator of the Royal Art Academy of Brussels and Manuel Canelles, coach, director and visual artist, Bolzano

on the 8th of February at 19.30 opening of I cried over spilt milk”, performance of Leen Van Dommelen

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About the artists:

Leen Van Dommelen

Charlotte Flamand



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