Lionel Pennings

Date: 11/November/2019 Category:

 About the artist

Lionel Pennings was born in 1993 in Brussels, Belgium, where he lives. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, (ERBA-ESA), he received his master’s degree in sculpture. His work has been exhibited in Brussels. Lionel Pennings won the GodeCharles award and received a scholarship from the GodeCharles Foundation. The award allows young talents, unknown before the award, to be recognized by a jury of experts composed of famous artists. The popularity of the contest is based, among other things, on the reputation of the artists who are part of the jury. In 2019 he won the ARBA-ESA/ESPRONCEDA award for a residence for artists and researchers in Barcelona that allowed him to have time for artistic research and a final exhibition. His work is based on the history of archaeology from an aesthetic point of view. His research questions form and matter and their impact on the collective imagination.