Earth Concerto no.4 “Mediterranean” by Kaoru Shibuta 09/08 @20h


Earth Concerto n.4 “Mediterranean” is a poetic symphony composed by images, colours and harmony inspired by the natural and musical world by the city of Barcelona and the space of Espronceda: a perfect fusion between nature and Art.

Kaoru Shibuta translates musical notes into images and contemporary installations. Bach’s, jazz music, the sound of nature is drawn into musical notes on his sheets, a natural combination to evoke emotion in the observer and audience. Music moves him because he envisions movement in it. Through his art and music, the emotion felt by his work may be encoded through colour, shadow and harmony to be decoded and experienced by the audience. His work leads us into the world of Miro, Matisse, Bach, Beethoven, Zen meditation, Japanese calligraphy. classical and jazz music through his childlike gaze. His works make us to reflect on our world, on the importance to listen nature, to observe those little details that help us to remember the beauty of the small things. His work is a meticulous one as a musical composition where nothing is left to the chaos but every detail has the right place. 

Karou Shibuta builds a bridge between the oriental and western world where the delicacy of the Japanese art and the European art merge in only one beautiful composition. And as Karou Shibuta wrote: “If Mozart composed to link the terrestrial world to the celestial world, then I undertake to spread them with my paintings”. If Beethoven composed to surpass philosophy, then I undertake to give them a shape with my paintings.

Text by Savina Tarsitano

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