PMP – Professional Media Presence

PMP – Professional Media Presence


Professional Media Presence “PMP” is medium sized Creative Europe innovation project, where the priorities of digital and social inclusion are the focus. PMP answers the need to better understand media, to better harness media and new technologies as tools for professional practices and identity professional self-expression at the European creative and cultural sector. The need for this kind of support and development is growing as the role of media in our lives grows; this has happened especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian war, as the usage of new technologies in the creative sector has increased rapidly.We are also keenly aware of the radically changing European and global political climate. Media serves as a vessel for misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda in these settings. Artists may unknowingly find themselves participating in this media manipulation. The need for media education amongst artists is more topical than ever before.

PMP answers the need to better understand both social and traditional media, to better harness them as tools for professional practices and identity professional self-expression at the European creative and cultural sector. PMP enables the creation of an artist’s own professional media self, teaches principles and best practices, and provides an accessible media practice toolkit, created in an inclusive manner, for wider creative sector purposes. There are currently no guidelines for professional media practices for artists, usable e.g., in formal or non-formal art education. The need for this kind of content, support and development is growing as the role of media in our lives grows; this has happened especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PMP will consist of a 5-part online seminar series, offering accessible media education for artists and creative organizations all over Europe. Each seminar will be followed by a 5-day workshop event, where best media practices for artists will be co-developed and co-created with a horizontal FATAA method. The workshop events will be followed by artist residencies and editorial work, resulting in the main outcome of PMP: Professional Media Practices for Artists- toolkit.

Since PMP tailors media education for artists, continuous dissemination, e.g., a podcast series, hybrid exhibition series, professional articles and social media campaigns will also be an important part of PMP. The work will be done in National Artist Teams. They consist of artists with disadvantaged backgrounds, fewer opportunities, and those, whose careers have suffered from the COVID19 crisis: PMPs main target group. The other target groups include European creative organizations, art education organizations and art educators, funders and decision makers, and artists on global scale.



Duration: 48 months



Turku UAS(COO) from Finland is the coordinator of PMP. They have strong and recognized experience in project management, having approximately 200 projects each year, including EU projects. In PMP they will work as the coordinator. Turku UAS will assign a coordinator (senior project advisor) for the project, as well as a financial advisor. Being a University of Applied Sciences, Turku UAS will also provide 2 expert artists and 20NAT artistsfrom the fields of contemporary art, sculpture, circus, media art, dance, and theatre. In addition, they will provide insight into the development of formal pedagogy sections of the toolkit. Furthermore,they will provide their expertise in editorial, curatorial and publishing work as well as their wide networks for both target group and for dissemination purposes. Turku UAS will be responsible for WP1 (Project Management).

Perypezye Urbane is a contemporary dance collective from Italy. They bring together young and emerging dance artists, who use media in their professional lives. Perypezye Urbane enables possibilities for professional growth and performance. Supporting artists with minority background is one of their important values, which can also be seen in their previous Creative Europe projects, such as DanceMe Up. In PMP they will provide their expertise in organizing online seminars, workshops, artistic residencies, facilitation, curating of dance events and other dissemination actions, editorial work of the toolkit, and project management. In addition to these areas of participation, Perypezye Urbane will utilize their networks in involvement of target group, specifically young performing art artists. They will be responsible for the WP4.

Youth for equality is a youth NGO from Slovakia. Their main goal is to provide opportunities for young people, such as emerging artists, to develop their working skills. Previously they haveorganized various workshops, including onesrelated to arts and creativity, as wellas digital skills. They also have strong networks to social media expertsand local artists. In PMP Youth for Equality will assist in the preparation process, be responsible for theonline seminarseries,quality assessment, organize a workshop event, do editorial work with the toolkit and work with dissemination. They will be responsible for the WP2 (Online seminar series).

Prisms Malta is a Maltese NGO that organizes training courses for European youth workers. They are licensedyouth workers, who specialize in non-formal learning and are experienced in not only developing methods themselves, but in facilitating others into creative method-development. They are also experienced with project management and organizing seminars.They have experience with working with people from various backgrounds, as well as strong presence in the Maltese community.In PMP they will contribute to the area of non-formal learning, facilitation and arrangement of the workshops and seminars and development of the toolkit, ensuring it is also appealing to the young, emerging artists. They will also use their networks of media experts and experience in project management, as well as dissemination. Prisms will be responsible for the WP3 (the Workshops).

Culture Hub Croatia combines education, culture, and creativity for development of local Croatian communities. They have previous experience in EU-funded projects, designing and implementing participatory workshops, organizing events (such as online seminars and live workshops), as well as elaborating educational tools and toolkits for various types of audiences. They actively participate in development of communication strategies and dissemination activities. They will contribute to PMP in terms of organization of events (both online and offline), residency hosting, needs assessment, toolkit development and editorial work, exhibition curating and other dissemination actions or activities. Culture Hub Croatia will be responsible for the WP 5 (Dissemination).

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is an institution that offersformal visual art education. They have strong connections to not only visual artists around Europe, but also to the local, Northern Dimension: Lapland art scene. They will bring their expertise and connections to seminars organizing, workshop organizing and participation, as well as the building and editing of the toolkit, as well as dissemination and residency hosting.

Espronceda is an Art & Creative organization from Barcelona, Spain,connected to various local artists and creative organizations. They work as an international and local contemporary art and research platform. They have strong experience in EU-funded creative projects, as well in projects related with science, new technologies, NFT, artificial intelligence as well in projects related with social change, social inclusion and education. Espronceda has strong experience in organizing cultural events, such as symposia, international and local debates, workshop events, residencies and exhibitions. In PMP, they will organize an online-seminar, and a workshop event, host a residency and curate aPMP exhibition.


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