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Mr. Zen

Date: 02/December/2014 Category:
'Cello with a man' Size: 200x200cm (acrylyc on canvas)

About the artist


Mr.Zen, was born in August 1977, is a young  Thai artist born in Satun province in the South of Thailand. These paintings of his show the talent and potential.

After finishing high school in his hometown, Mr.Zen continued his studies at an arts university. He had also balanced working in the advertising field as a creative director and as an interior designer at the same time.

By working with many famous artists and having had the opportunity to showcase his work in several exhibitions as a solo artist and co-artist both in Thailand and abroad (Australia and Germany), he built up his experiences and his career in art.

His inspiration from observing everyday human activities influenced his recent artworks which reflect his viewpoint toward human behavior.

His technique conveys positivity to the audiences by using simple lines and bright colors on each piece of work, that makes Mr.Zen’s artwork can be easily grasped in the beauty.


“I have worked hard at the beginning, always make trial and error and I have not graduated from anywhere. This is true, I’m not saying to make it sound cool or different from any other because working teaches us and the data in institutions are always available in outside world as well.  What is called “spirit” and What some people may call “spirit” inspired by these institutes, I believe is more like our natural instincts. It is a part of us and is transmitted into art through our way of life. Actually whoever can paint. When talking about art, it’s about everything; painting, selling insurance.

I don’t like to label myself with what I do. But an appropriate term may be‘painter’. As an artists I can do what I feel is my nature and seriously I am not bothered by what I am called. I don’t know what I can be but I know what I would like to do.

In my opinion, a painter and his artwork must be constituted from his life experiences and the journey he is on but the beauty of art is the ability to incorporate that into a painting or model or whatever for others to perceive the world from the artist’s eyes in just a moment.

I have used many styles in my works and have not attached to using just one style. Whenever I feel bored, I’ll change it.I believe that when I change the style, there’re some symbols in my works and I want this to evoke a special sensation in people.”