Anna Pompermaier

Date: 19/August/2020 Category:

About the artist

Anna Pompermaier (Italy, 1991) is an architect, digital artist, and engineer. She is currently based in Innsbruck where she studied architecture and civil engineering and is working as an architect on interactive and performative XR Experiences. She believes in an architecture that is against the binary logic that governs basic oppositions such as subject and object, human and non-human, interior and exterior, building and landscape, physical and

condition that forces people into a new reading and experience of space. Her research tries to explore the synthetic corporeality of the contemporary self and its new constructions of consciousness within the technological colonization of the body. Her work is implementing different narrative media as well as XR performative installations to explore how our culture of global interconnectivity is creating new technological beliefs and communication strategies, thereby uninterruptedly expanding and challenging our sense of reality and leading to the hallucination of new soft(ware)-mythologies. She is trying to apply the physical specificity of the body’s experience to the design of ‘more fluid’ human-computer interaction environments to discover new sensorimotor capacities of navigating space. Her collaborations and works have been presented at different festivals like VRHAM! – Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg and ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival.