Anja Calas

Date: 03/September/2020 Category:

About the artist:

Anja Calas (a.k.a. Ana Caldas, 1982 PT) is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the intersectionality between humans and nonhumans, the limits of desire, tension and evolution.

From an educational background of ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, film, street performance, music composition, and digital arts, her creations summarises a plural manifestation of her artistic life, enabling her to work with predominant directors such as Tino Seghal, Roberto Merino, Pedro Rodrigues, Edgar Pêra, among others; as well as developing her own artwork.

Currently in Barcelona, Anja has started a performance group called Suntrum that explores post-apocalyptic and dystopian subjectivities; and also a duo called Corpo Liquido embodying the invisible through the extension of the body: touring “The X Never Marks the Spot”.

At the moment Anja is exploring a Plant vs Nature revolving immersive interaction, aimed to reflect our new awareness on the importance of its integration on collective living and on the creation of new kins (Haraway)