Artem Mirolevich

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About the artist

Artem Mirolevich was born in 1976, in the city of Minsk, Russia. At the age of 17, Artem and his family moved to the States, making their home in Buffalo, NY. Soon after his arrival, Artem enrolled in the School of Visual Art, in New York City, and was granted a scholarship from the Department of Illustration. One of his greatest inspirations during his four years as a student was a semester spent in Amsterdam at the Rietvield Academy of Art. Intrigued by the city’s cultural and architectural landscape, he used this inspiration to produce many works of art, including images of a post-apocalyptic city submerged deep under water. Artem returned to New York to complete his studies, and graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s in Fine Art and Illustration. Invigorated by his experience abroad, he was drawn to the idea of exploring other countries of the world. He spent the following summer traveling through Israel and Egypt. The experiences he gained traveling throughout different countries helped shaped his perception, and artistic vision of the world.

Paintings, drawings, and collages created with the juxtaposition of various mediums are the means of his artistic expression. Above all, he is strongest in his ability to combine the use of watercolor and ink. The transparency and fluidity of the watercolor allows his pictures to take on a life of their own, setting the mood for the piece and giving them a sense of movement. Then, with the incorporation of ink, the piece is given depth and definition. Artem creates a new world within each frame. His paintings are depictions of ancient civilizations, philosophy, present society, and also what he envisions for the future. Each picture tells a story; the movement of the story is carried throughout the piece by the movement of the characters. The personality and emotion of these figures is communicated through facial expression and actions. They range from heroes and villains, to ordinary men and even mythological creatures. His tales include appearance from dwellers of Babylon, the lost soldiers of Alexander the great, Einstein, samurai warriors, urban legends, time travelers, and scientists of subterranean worlds. When words alone cannot describe what he envisions in his mind, it is his through his artwork that he finds a means of visual language and communication.

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