Daniel Horowitz

Date: 02/June/2015 Category:
'Midnight Cowboy', 2015

About the artist


Daniel Horowitz works in painting, drawing, collage, and installation. His art confronts social anxieties, embodied in faceless figures and chimerical scenes representing displaced identity. Twisted and stretched objects or body parts, rendered in vibrant colors, channel the surreal while examining contemporary reality. In his recent solo exhibition Sleepwalking/Somnambulisme at Espronceda in Barcelona, Spain (2015), paintings drifted through space, were camouflaged in a large mural, or integrated into a living room from a by-gone era all created by the artist as a site-specific installation. Horowitz‘s imagery alters the original nature of objects creating an oneiric landscape. His paintings employ an associative logic, whereby disparate objects are thrown together into impossible images that are nonetheless psychologically cohesive. Through dissonant object pairings and Freudian fluency in our collective symbolic lexicon, Horowitz conjures up what cannot be visualized into something visible.