Daniel Yacubovich

Date: 22/January/2018 Category:

About the artist

Multidisciplinary artist. He studied painting, drawing and lithography at art academies in Tel Aviv;

Studies of contemporary art. Open University. Tel Aviv ;

Degree in Multidisciplinary Design from Ramon Llull University;

Professor at the School of Design, ESDI, Ramon Llull University. Subject: Theory and Workshop of Form and Color. He teaches art classes in his studio;

He is currently working on a series of interventions, “Oil Tablecloths. Interactive still lifes “composed of paint and video;

He has designed and made chairs inspired by his experiences as an immigrant;

The installation of these chairs, “Sin Lugar Singular”, took place in Sala Vinçon- Barcelona;

He has designed articulated figures that have been exhibited at the Kunsthale Museum in Dusseldorf. Germany;

He wrote essays published in the Journal of Theory and History of the Jerusalem Academy of Art and the School of Design. Ramon Llull University.