Elia Sabato

Date: 02/December/2014 Category:
'Rivelazioni', 2008. 26x27x16

About the artist



Elia Sabato was born in Sogliano Cavour in Puglia in 1975, he began his work in the experimenting of local stone and iron and then moved to Rome in 1996 where he began wokring on various sculptural techniques before moving to the original technique of abrasion, exhibiting in various Italian museums and participating in various international trade fairs.

Sabato‘s artwork became three-dimensional two-dimensional thanks to the brightness that retention on steel plates, engraved sometimes with slight scratches other with deep furrows, gives the work an almost statuesque plasticity. The viewer, deceived by his own eyes, seems to see three-dimensional shapes, to perceive that the impression of depth.

The opposite happens in the sculptures that have other forms of three-dimensional and two-dimensional images in and everything is always due to the relationship that the works have with light, all common element in all his works.

The work of Elia Sabato highlight the paradox of the visible so that it becomes invisible, the image hides or reveals itself according to the light that is reflected. The perception must therefore beyond the simple optical process that projects images on the retina, as it implies the understanding of the image itself, so an awareness of what you are seeing. Currently works in Rome and Barcelona.