Josecarlos Florez

Date: 30/January/2020 Category:

About the artist 

Josecarlos Florez is a peruvian new-media artist and independent researcher who lives and works in Barcelona. His research area is focused on the fusion of art and open-source technology. He works on projects that involve sound robotics, light, generative visuals, data visualization,  digital fabrication, IoT (internet of things), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality).

His works have been exhibited in different art centres, as well as recognized galleries around the world such as Fundación Telefónica Space (Lima-Peru), Media Lab Prado (Madrid, Spain), CCCB (Barcelona, Spain), Sant Augusti Convent (Barcelona, Spain), Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona, Spain),  Swab Art Faire (Barcelona, Spain) and at technology festivals such as the Re: New Festival (Pittsburg-USA), Maker Faire (Barcelona, Spain) and Sonar + D (Barcelona, Spain).