Josechu Tercero

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Josechu Tercero (Barcelona, 1967)

Plastic and visual artist. BA in BBAA from the U.B. and teacher of secondary and high school for more than 25 years for the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He is currently at the Baldiri Guilera high school at el Prat de Llobregat teaching art and Audiovisual Culture classes in the Performing Arts Baccalaureate modality.

He is a member of different artistic collectives in Barcelona and L’Hospitalet such as A-Marrón, ARTeria, CMR and a founding partner of LaFutura, the artistic and cultural association of Barcelona.

He has participated in different group and individual exhibitions as well as with audiovisual projects with documentary videos for the artist Nathalie Rey and others. He has participated in the artistic residency at AADK, Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia. With his own studio in L’Hospitalet for 8 years.