Josep Ramon Guillén

Date: 13/June/2018 Category:

About the artist

Josep Ramon Guillén is an artist specialized in photography. Born in Barcelona in 1956, he has worked as a professional photographer “freelance” in many fields, such as industrial photography, advertising agencies, fashion, reports, etc. His most artistic expression transports him to portraits and nudes, where he has been recognized for his excellent works.

His mother gave him a Baby Kodak Brownie1 of format 127 at age 6 and his father bought him at age 11 a Voigtlander Vito B2 of format 135 and since then he has embraced photography as the love of his life through the camera. His frustrated learning as a painter led him, as he says, to paint with the camera. He is a warm and friendly person who loves being around people. He has a good hand for the image where he captures energy and enthusiasm.