Nil Nebot

Date: 12/December/2018 Category:

Nil Nebot Torrella was born in 1993, in the middle of the digital era.  Unlike his contemporaries, he is not attracted by new technologies and prefers to spend his free time surrounded by nature.
In the forest Nil discovers the ideal space to create an art that has a strong connection with the primary essence of man.  He reconquers the independence from everything that is artificial, producing brushes, paint and all the necessary tools to create a “sustainable art”.  He finds his inspiration in nature.
Respect for the environment is intrinsic in Nebot’s work.  Nothing is “prefabricated” in his head: only chance and fantasy lead him.  Besides this, he leaves his work to plein air, so that nature can complete it.
“I am an imperfect animal. In reality, confesses Nil, the true artist is nature”.