Patricio Reig

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About the artist

Patricio Reig was born in San Juan, Argentina, 1959.

Patricio Reig’s work centers around the concept of memory, the inevitable passing of time, and the transitory nature of existence. Using pinhole and stenopeic cameras, mid19th century methods, Patricio Reig captures the atmosphere but not the colors of nature. Flowers, ponds, leaves and plants in his work represent the cycle of life, from birth to death. All along, his work has been developed in suites like “Simetrias”, “Ojos de Caracol” and “Horizonte hay un solo”, among others.

As pointed by the critic Heike Dempster, Reig creates a reflection of state rather than a simple representation of reality as the unnatural image of nature captures the essence only. Some of his latest exhibitions are: “Eden”, Juan Ruiz Gallery, Miami (2012); “Album di Famiglia”, Aquila 51, Milán (2011) y Piramidón Centro de Arte Conteporáneo, Barcelona (2010). Lives and works in Barcelona.