The Team

Savina Tarsitano

Savina Tarsitano (Co-Founder) is an artist from Calabria, Italy, who lives and works between Italy, Belgium and Martinique, Caribbean island. Her research hinges on the concept of “landing-place”. She has spent creative periods in “theme-sites” like islands, abbeys, castles all over the world. She is member of the European Cultural Parliament, ambassador of the Rebirth project of Michelangelo Pistoletto and founder of the project “Creativity in Motion” for a social integration through art. Savina is partner of espronceda and in charge of developing the activity programs, the European partnerships as well as curator relations.


Henrik Sprengel

Dr. Henrik Sprengel (Co-Founder) is a serial entrepreur with experience with converting ideas into real businesses, since a decade. Based in Barcelona he feels truly European. His conviction that the EARTH without art would be “EH” makes him a strong believer in art & culture and in espronceda.


Holger Sprengel

Dr. Holger Sprengel (Co-Founder) is an art lover. He holds an MBA and  PhD in Law. Holger is Managing Director in Nurogames and Nuromedia and attracted by the idea of STARTS and believes that artists can trigger innovation.  With many companies founded both in the digital and bricks&mortar sector he believes that that art and culture is to make the earth a better place. He advises Espronceda in various aspects.


Alejandro Martín

Alejandro Martín, (Head of Innovation and EU Projects) is an independent curator, art collector, artist, scientist, business executive and philantropist. He is cooperating with Espronceda since 2015 as curator and strategic advisor for international development and cooperation with major Art Institutions and Universities. Developing programmes of inter-disciplinarity of Arts, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship: ACT UTOPIA LAB and now managing the cooperation of Espronceda in the Consortium of project Mindspaces/ STARTS lighthouse pilots, Horizon2020. European Commission. Alejandro believes strongly in the transformative power of Art and Humanism on the technological development, knowledge creation and social wellbeing.


Alessia Gervasone

Alessia Gervasone is a cultural manager, researcher and curator.
Art is her passion, as a wonderful global language to create, find, and express new different ethics.
She believes in dialogue and in the interconnection aimed at exploring new artistic and creative frontiers through different mediums.
Sustainability and Human rights are her values. Graduated cum laude in Communication and Valorization of contemporary artistic heritage and with a course in entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industry sector. She has collaborated with different museums, cultural and university institutions, always working in the arts organization and production. She was a teaching assistant in New Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and worked in a research center dealing with new technology, cinema, and education.


Marc Gálvez

Marc Galvez is a video game developer and technology, art and culture activist. He is passionate about the creation of all kinds of applications and multimedia solutions, in which the programming, design and art from the creative, educational and gamified point of view.

His career began at the age of 12, when his interest in video game engine development grew exponentially, he was able to develop his first video game and share it with those around him. Years later he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in the degree of Design and Development of Video Games, and elaborated his university thesis on the design of the tutorial as a central pillar in the video game, thus publishing his first work as a dedicated author. He now studies in depth emerging technologies from close up, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality alongside image and video editing.


Maria Mantzakou

Maria Mantzakou (Administration Manager) After working several years as content and coordinator manager for virtual and museological projects,  currently manages the artistic projects of Espronceda Center for Art & Culture. She is leading the selection of resident artists giving support to the residencies  and collaborating with the staff and curators, as well as preparing the expos.


Josep López

Josep is a cultural manager especially concerned about Barcelona’s cultural institutions’ engagement with the local population. He believes in the transformative power that art and culture can imply for all communities and peoples all over the world and in its liberator and democratizing potential. He claims that culture should be accessible to everyone because of the greatest positive externalities it brings to the people.

Josep graduated in Humanities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and he also studied a Masters Degree in Cultural Management at Universitat de Barcelona. 

He is currently working with Espronceda on various European projects, taking care of the public funding applications for the different local administrations and helping with different organizational and production tasks for the center.


Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor

Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor is a multidisciplinary artist. His work is focused on the research about how the art takes shape and how it shapes the world. He is interested about the nowdays tools that helps the artist to create and about how people interact with the art. The goal of his work is to offer to the people new experiences, new perspectives, to open new synapses, to touch deep thoughts and feelings. One of his main interests is about the connection between the spiritual and the physical world and how art can offer a deep self experience for the audience. Over time he has collaborated with designers, photographers and other artists to create these experiences for people, either aesthetic or functional. Whether it is paintings, sculptures, design objects or digital art, his works all have the same purpose: to be more than a work of art, to be an experience.


Vitor Schietti

Vitor Schietti dedicated himself to photography for over ten years in Brazil. After several solo and collective exhibits and a few awards, Schietti was looking for wider horizons in the art market. He came to Barcelona in 2017 where he met Holger Sprengel and the amazing Espronceda. From the background of running a photo studio in Brasilia he accepted the challenge to work in Espronceda, where he contributed to a network of artists, curators and art admirers in the vibrant capital of Catalonia.


Gabriel Muñoz Moreno

As a technology advocate, architect, urban planner, and entrepreneur, Gabriel graduated with distinction at Harvard University in his Masters in Energy & Environments, laureated with the best thesis. He is now the Director of LAIA Lab at New York where design is mixed with biodiversity to create holistic infrastructure solutions and socioeconomic opportunities, captured in novel built environments. Gabriel has presented in venues such as the UN-Habitat III. His achievements include the Jacques Rougerie Foundation Laureate, ARCH+ Planetary Urbanism Award, Real Colegio Complutense Harvard Fellow, and Casa de Velazquez.

Clara Bellido

Clara Bellido (PR Manager). As managing director of a PR agency (LemonGrass Communications), she has extensive experience in communication campaigns for clients from different sectors, at a local, national and international level. She currently coordinates the communication and PR of the exhibitions and events of Espronceda Center for Art & Culture.

Gunnar Sprengel

Project Manager