Alexia Briones Exhibition

Alexia Briones
El Silencio, Mujeres de Agua y Humo

Alexia Briones brings her extraordinary art to Espronceda Institute for a one evening exhibition. Titled, The Silence, Women of Water and Smoke, Alexia’s series evokes the ephemeral yet lasting power of the feminine. The evanescence of smoke and water bely their power. They are fitting metaphors for the feminine as it may seem less strong or even yielding compared to images evoked by its counterpart, but it is this very capacity that gives the feminine formidable strength and power. But what more is there in the images of these elements that can speak to the wealth of the experience of women?

June 19th, from 19h to 22h

Sponsored by St Germain.

Enjoy the opportunity to meet the artist, explore her work, and spend an evening in the implications of this creativity.