Big Bang Espectacle gastropoètic – by La Decimonònica

10 & 12/10/19 @20h


We at Espronceda are very happy to present for the third year the new theatre work Big Bang. The cooperation with the Catalan artist, theatre director Albert Mestres began three years ago on his idea to bring theatre in a contemporary art space to dialogue with visual art, performance and food. The artistic research has been realized in cooperation with the Italian artist Savina Tarsitano in connecting the audience into the visual art and theatre world and vice versa. 

The project wants to investigate the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to the arts, a dialogue among artists and the public. This innovative projects want to underline also the indirect participation of the public and the centrality of food in the creative process as an incubator of emotions, attractions, where the public is also called to interact. It is an innovative project that during the last three years has demonstrated the necessity to create a bridge among the public and the different artistic languages. 

The project has been also presented in the theatre where the public confronted himself with the worlds of visual arts, in this case, contemporary art was brought to the theatre. For the first time the new theatre work Big Bang will present at Espronceda, a show not only theatrical, artistic but also gastronomic.

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