Dark and Stormy – collective exhibition curated by Paul Pretzer

Participant artists:

Marie Aly

Katharina Arndt

Fritz Bornstück

Stefanie Gutheil

Philip Grözinger

Julius Hofmann

Andrey Klassen

Jan Muche

Daniel Thurau

Paul Pretzer

This group show includes works by contemporary German artists who are interested in obscure, absurd and dark imagery. It is rooted in a tradition that goes back all the way to Hans Baldung Grien, Otto Dix and Gerog Baselitz.

The German artist Paul Pretzer who lives and works in Berlin and Barcelona wants to give the audience of the Mediterranean metropolis the opportunity to see what is going in german studios and confront them with a new visual experience.

The invited artists all have studied at Art Academies in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

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