Emoción y Ruptura, por Rocío Maldonado y Mercedes Roglá. 08/05 @19h30

08/05 @19h30


The two artists residents of Barcelona, ​​Rocío Maldonado and Mercedes Roglá establish a dialogue between their works in a daring joint exhibition in which the past and present trajectories of the artists are mixed in a powerful artistic experience, full of meanings and sensations.

On the part of Rocío, we are invited to appreciate “La Ruptura”, the second part of the “La Búsqueda” project.

In contrast to the first part of “Las Influencias”, “La Ruptura” is immersed in the human being’s process of detaching himself from all those aspects of the past that condition and limit him. The artist puts the focus on “leaving behind and breaking” with the ties that each one acquires with the experiences and influences accumulated in the first stages of his life. This new beginning is personal and artistic. The growth of the person gives birth to a new artistic stage and, at the same time, the artistic maturity contributes to the evolution of the person. The Rupture gives birth to a new being and artist, more secure and free, once he has shed his fears, insecurities and limitations.

Mercedes, in turn, presents us her part, “La Emoción”, with a pictorial universe based on a poetic of sensation: her painting expresses different states of the soul, sadness or death, as well as passion and emotion or fragility and beauty. Her style is easily recognizable as it is a work close to Abstract Expressionism. The works represent emotions, they are material paintings of intense colors, with figurative tints, which are usually accompanied by an energetic stroke at the service of emotion.

Roglá: “I let myself be invaded by what surrounds me, I let it fascinate me and saturate me. It is such a physical process, which possesses me almost involuntarily, forcing me to turn it over in each work through painting or the medium that suits me best. Then I draw conclusions. ”

About the artists:

Rocío Maldonado

Mercedes Roglá

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