La Corda, by Albert Mestres, Jordi Font, Toni Mas and Eva Ortega, in cooperation with the exhibition Scene by Savina Tarsitano.

9 & 10/10 @21h

Espronceda Center for Art & Culture is proud to present the project of cooperation between theater and visual arts for the second consecutive year thanks to the collaboration of the artists Albert Mestres, Savina Tarsitano, Eva Ortega, Jordi Font, Toni Mas and José Menchero. Bringing the theater to a space of art means exploring the limits between the world of literature, poetry, theater and the visual arts to feel and underline the importance of the interdisciplinarity of the arts. The philosophy of Espronceda is based on the importance of opening new horizons and cooperating to create new synergies between artistic disciplines, where the public can immerse themselves not only in experimental theater but also in the world of visual arts. After the success of last year, we are pleased to include in the program the second season of the theater with new surprises and emotions.
The project is part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

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