La Relación entre Arte, Performance y Lenguaje Corporal. Roundtable 08.02 @19h

On the 8th of February Savina Tarsitano will be moderating the roundtable on: “The relationship between art, performance and body language: towards new challenges, borders and alliances” in presence of Enzo Pezzella artistic coordinator of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and ISAC (Institut Supérieur des Arts et Choreographie) of Brussels, Manuel Fanni Canelles, coach, director and visual artist, Bolzano and Albert Mestres, artist, poet, director.

At the end of the 1970s, the history of art deals with of “performative turn”, a change in aesthetics that is based on the process of overrunning that takes place in the event and no longer in the work. It is fair to say that over the years the performance, the body language have conquered an increasingly central role on the contemporary scene becoming part of the circuit of the art market, an example could be the artist Abramovi, who has transformed herself into a true work of art.

Can we then consider the performance as part of the visual arts, as a new and innovative contemporary element? If this new and innovative relationship exists, what are the limits, the boundaries between the visual arts, the language of the body and the performance? And what are the changes made in recent years? In this perspective what happens also in the field of education? What is the new role of academic institutions? It exists a stronger contamination, interdisciplinary between the art departments?

The round table was designed to reflect on these aspects, confronting the art world, academic institutions, the art market to understand if there has been an evolution and where we are nowadays.


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