Observations, by Mirthe Blussé

Through her work Mirthe Blussé seeks to connect people with their imagination and memories, using an abstract language to translate her own experiences and emotions into a bigger, universal image that leaves room for personal interpretation.

Her gestures and marks serve as the direct, tactile imprints of her existence – and the existence of others when they add their own imagination.

Her visual language balances a strong, minimal composition with a spontaneous, gestural and intuitive touch:

the gestural versus the controlled

the subtle versus the straightforward.

Her art represents both profound and daily situations. Sources of inspiration are nature, poetry, music and found treasures, which lead her to new territories, insights and color palettes.

Through a large sketching process she tries to strip her experiences down to their core to get to their essence – bridging the thoughts between what is known and how it is felt.

This exhibition presents us with her observations through paintings, drawings, prints, collages and assemblages. It is an open invitation to observe, engaging not only our eyes, but our full potential.


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