Opening @”Galeria de Retratos” by Juan Saliquet – Thursday 6th of April – 19h30

Espronceda presents

“Galería de Retratos”

by the Spanish artist JUAN SALIQUET

Opening on Thursday 6th of April, 19h30.

Exhibition from 7th to 18th of April, 2017.

Juan Saliquet exhibits in Barcelona his exhibition “galería de retratos“. After a 3-year tour touring Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with multiple exhibitions, he is at the Urg3l gallery in Madrid and now in the Espronceda Space in Barcelona.

Throughout his career, Juan Saliquet has cultivated an approach to the body through the portraits he photographs and cuts, while experimenting with volume. The artist sections his work to remove the image from its flat context and transform it into a three-dimensional piece. Through the modification of the figure, Saliquet provides his work with a light that reminds us of the paintings of the Italian Quattrocento.

Madrid native and globetrotter, Juan Saliquet presents for the first time in Espronceda his Gallery of Portraits, contemporary creations inspired by the classical portraits. They are works where the geometry of his incisions transforms the images into sculptures of multiple visions, and where each piece becomes an installation of its own that plays an essential role to Espronceda’s industrial space. This sensual and scarified aesthetic transcends the period in which it has been created, adapting to every interpretation we aim to grant it.

After a three-year tour of Europe showing his pieces, Saliquet returns to Spain and exhibits his photography in Madrid and Barcelona, where he shows us his unconventional approach to a work that is in constant transformation and movement.

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