Theater @”Shakespeare, the nurse and his dog” by Veronica Isola and Nico Cobo – March 25th – 20h

Espronceda presents the play

“Shakespeare, the nurse and her dog”
By Veronica Isola and Nico Cobo

March 25th, 8pm
Tickets: 12 €

Shakespeare, the nurse and her dog, tells us about the complexity of the filial relationship, the contradictions of adolescence, the discovery of love as well as errors, the need for forgiveness and its condition: to be forgiven, one must be able to forgive.
Angélica, the nurse, accompanied by her dog Gulliver, his faithful companion, will take us from Verona, the city of Montescos and Capuletos to the castle of Hamlet in Denmark.
Always with a frank look at life, with humor when possible and especially celebrating the joy of being alive!

Text and interpretation Verónica Isola
Celista Nico Cobo

Direction Mónica Aybar and Verónica Isola

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