Finissage @”MNÉMESIS” by Rafael Lobo Blanco – Saturday 20th May – 19h30

Espronceda presents


by Rafael Lobo Blanco


curated by Maribel Navarro

Opening on Tuesday 9th of May, 19h30

Exhibition from 10th May to 20th May,

Finissage on Saturday 20th of May, 2017.

ESPRONCEDA, Center for Art and Culture, is pleased to present Mnémesis, the new project of the artist Rafael Lobo Blanco, curated by Maribel Navarro.

Rafael Lobo Blanco (Huelva, 1975) carries in the blood the tradition of the brush, since his great-grandfather began with the decoration of the Sevillian style chair, back in 1842. The artist also performed this artisanal work, until he decided to travel through Europe to know the different plastic speeches of each country and thus generate his own.

After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, Lobo Blanco paints, photography and resorts to the installation as support, to capture the fascination he feels for the memory. The inherited office and the traditional chair of enea are elements of which nourishes, and which symbolize evocation and fear of loss. Mnéme – understood as living or spontaneous memory – and the hypom-nema – as the action of remembering – are principles that he uses to express his attraction to remember, and thus save his personal history.

Lobo Blanco presents in Espronceda a multidisciplinary project, with works whose landscape is staged by intervals, fragmented and juxtaposed images that create a unique and personal memory. Representations compiled as a file, collages that generate a new look through the old, and the chair – always the chair – as genesis. Thus, he manages to gather the moments lived, the street where he played as a child, the window of Luisa, the yellow tape measure of the mother’s sewing, the drawer of paintings. Everyday elements that shape its history and that give meaning to the show we present, where Lobo Blanco manages to transform memory and memory into visual and plastic creations.

Rafael Lobo Blanco has presented his work in Seville, Huelva, London, Venice, Rome and Belarus. Also, his work forms part of the collections of the Museum of Santa Clara, in Zafra; Museum of Arts and Customs in Seville; Galaroza City Council and the Military Academy of Minsk, Belarus.

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