Opening @”Real or Unreal? Past or Present?” (LOOP FESTIVAL) – Tuesday 23rd of May – 19h30

Espronceda presents its Collective exhibition for the LOOP FESTIVAL,

“Real or Unreal? Past or Present?”

with the former artists in residence Cong Yao, Natalia Skobeeva, Lorenza Cullet, Bianca Kennedy and Fabian Vogler.
Exhibition curated by Savina Tarsitano.
Opening on 23rd of May, 19h30
Exhibition from 23rd to 27th of May, 2017.

« Real or unreal? Past or present? » reflects on the concept of identity, history, heritage, culture, without giving a clear answer to those social issues. A multiple look of different artists with different cultures, background, identity. A question on our past, present, future and humanity analyzed by five artists through a multidisciplinary language. The artists selected for this collective exhibition are former residents of Espronceda. Natalia Skobeeva and Cong Yao were winners of a program in cooperation with the Royal Academy of London. Fabian Vogler and Bianca Kennedy started their cooperation after meeting at Espronceda. And Lorenza Cullet went to Barcelona to realize a research now ready to be shown.
The Russian artist Natalia Skobeeva with her work “This Territory is Time” links and integrates complex and disparate apparent ideas into a coherent interdisciplinary artistic work, which has characteristics attributed to transnational art, multiplicity, liminality and hybridity. Artistic research is taken to the Sagrada Familia – a unique manifestation of humanity. Life-time creation of Gaudi and iconic Catalan monument – the work explores how the issues of particular and universal are renegotiated in the context of ambivalent (non) belonging by human kind in the post-internet era.
The work of the Chinese artist Cong Yao “Under Blue” explores gender politics through beauty, pleasure, disgust, danger, violence, the erotic and the artificial, the dance of the brush and the movement of the camera, imparting an uneasy feeling of voyeuristic power to the viewer. Under Blue broadly speaking fits into the performance and body art trend in video art, but its exclusive use of close ups and the effect of not really understanding what we’re looking at. In the work, the fragmented body, body movement, color and textures appear between real and surreal, our attention to those colors and textures is greatly rewarded, even as the context become more complex.
The work and cooperation of the two German artists Fabian Vogler and Bianca Kenney “Limbo Weeks” depicts a peculiar state of human development: the first seven weeks, when nature hasn’t decided on a specific gender for its fetus yet. This state of blissful limbo, turning back and forth the hands of time, puts a question mark on our trimmed world to the bipolar gender construct.
While the Colombian/French artist Lorenza Cullet through her work “Triptic Panoramico” emphasizes the sounds of each image (in real time or not) alternate themselves like waves of the sea. The attention of the viewer is then more or less directed by the sound who takes it to a certain image that would correspond to him. Each image is related to the flow of time, whether memories or the past, which is the flow of the present lived and animated, or the pause of thinking, present reflections are like mirrors or ghosts of the time.



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