Roundtable @ Is Painting enough Contemporary?

Detail of Kehinde Wiley painting

Detail of Kehinde Wiley painting

Painting since the end of the nineteenth century is a history of the perpetual cycle of its deaths and rebirths in the face of photography, conceptual art, installation, digital imaging technologies, the world wide web, or plain lack of interest.

This Panel will discuss with experts what is his vision of the Contemporary Painting: is interesting enough, there is a conceptual and a formal research? What are the key artists nowadays?

On Wednesday 20 January, at 7:30 pm


Carrer d’Espronceda 326, nave 10

08027 Barcelona

Panel speakers:

Quico Peinado. Curator at Angels Barcelona.

Bill Jimenez. Art crític, writing for Lecool Magazine.

Valentina Cassachia. Curator at APT.

Roman Martín. Artist and member of patronate MACBA.

Renato Della Poeta. Artistic co-director at Blueproject Foundation.

Alejandro Martín. Gallerist and Curator at Espronceda.


This panel is the first of a serie programmed at Espronceda during 2016. One of the missions of Espronceda is contribute to the education and the exchange of cultural knowledge, share with all the publics his passion with the human creativity in Arts and Culture.


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