NUBIA & NEB, 19th Dec.

NUBIA & NEB, 19th Dec. –  Jornade de portes obertes




Are you ready to transform your neighbourhood?

Your vision can be the spark that ignites change! Participate in our unique initiative where your ideas come to life. With just a few simple steps, you can turn your dreams into a tangible design. Choose a category that best represents your idea and start designing – it’s that easy!

Once you’ve saved your design, bring it to life virtually on the streets of Navas. See how your proposals integrate into the real environment, offering a fresh and exciting vision of the future.

But that’s not all. Our exhibition is a liminal space, an innovative crossover between the physical and the virtual. We use mixed reality technology to merge these two worlds, creating a unique and interactive experience. It is more than just an exhibition; it is a window into what our neighbourhood could be.

Join us on this exciting journey into the future of our community!

Project Objective:
The project allows residents of the Navas neighbourhood to propose and visualise improvements to their environment through a liminal space, which involves the use of a physical portal and the Metaverse, which can be accessed through virtual reality. Users can enter their ideas, drawings and 3D models, which can then be explored and positioned by other users. This encourages the active participation of the whole community in the process of improving the neighbourhood.

The Navas Metaverse project facilitates the improvement of the Navas neighbourhood.

The Navas Metaverse project facilitates the improvement of the Navas neighbourhood in an interactive and collaborative way. At the end of the day, the metaverse will be composed of a multitude of ideas proposed by neighbours, which can be submitted to the city council for consideration and possible implementation. This initiative combines advanced technology, citizen participation and creativity, aiming for a positive and meaningful impact on the community.

Project Components:
Virtual Reality: a VR platform is used to create an interactive virtual environment based on the Navas neighbourhood. Users can explore this virtual space and visualise the proposed improvements to the neighbourhood in a realistic context.

User Interface: An intuitive user interface is developed that allows users to navigate, select and create different ideas for the improvement of the Navas neighbourhood.

Real-time Projection: Activities within the virtual environment are projected in real time onto the physical space, allowing viewers to see what VR users are experiencing and creating.

Multiplayer: The platform supports multiple users simultaneously, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas between participants.

Database: A database is used to store proposals, designs and feedback from users, ensuring that all information is accessible and organised for the improvement of the Navas neighbourhood.

The main objective is to collect ideas and proposals for the improvement and beautification of the neighbourhood, actively involving the local community.

Interactive Aspects Incorporated:3D representation of the Navas neighbourhood: This technology is used to create a detailed model of the Navas neighbourhood through the Cesium software, including a day and night cycle for greater realism.

3D Assets for the Navas neighbourhood: 3D models are used, allowing users to visualise proposed changes in a realistic context.

Custom Assets Design: Users have the possibility to design their own assets through a drawing system using a graphics tablet, adding a level of personalisation and creativity to the project.



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