Venice VR Expanded. Barcelona Satellite programme – 31.08.2020

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Venice VR Expanded. Barcelona Satellite programme. 77th Venice International Film Festival 2nd to 12th of September 2020.

ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona, is honored to collaborate this year with Venice Biennale as the only partner in Spain to bring to Barcelona the amazing program of the 77th VIFF VR Expanded 2020, the Virtual Reality section of La Biennale di Venezia.

This year due to Covid restrictions, Venice VR Expanded won’t be held in Venice island Lazzaretto Vecchio as usual. Instead, the event will be online for accredited professionals and it will travel the world through international institutions selected in collaboration with Mr. Michel Reilhac, expert and consultant for the Venice Biennale VR Competition, being ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture. The visitors will have access to VR equipment necessary to view the artworks online.

From 2nd to 12th of September the public can experience the 44 immersive projects of the 77th VIFF VR Expanded 2020, coming from 24 countries, in the VR Lounge of ESPRONCEDA, which was selected along with other prestigious institutions to be an Expanded Satellite, such as the PHI Center in Montreal, the Stichting Eye Filmmuseum, in Amsterdam, the HTC Corporation – VIVE ORIGINALS in Taiwan, the Portland Art Museum & Northwest Film Center in Portland, the Espace CENTQUATRE-PARIS – Diversion in Paris and other respected galleries, museums, institutions and VR leaders worldwide.

The program will present 31 immersive projects in Competition, nine projects Out of Competition – Best of VR (International selection of the finest VR works) and four projects developed during the fourth edition of the Biennale College Cinema – VR.

The 77th VIFF VR Expanded 2020 Jury will award the following prizes: Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Immersive Work, Best VR Immersive User Experience and Best VR Immersive Story.

The information about each VR work in the exhibition will be updated on the Venice Biennale website.


Virtual Reality is an advanced technology that produces a real immersive experience in three senses: visual, acoustic and movement. When you put the VR headset the dimensions designed by the artist allow you to move inside a wonder of visuals and sensations. The VR works could be a 360º visual experience with surrounding sound to more sophisticated interactive and playful artistical proposals where you could manipulate virtual objects, change the environment with your voice and walk into different scenarios interacting with other users that are virtually in the same place.


ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture creates a safe environment, where accurate Covid protocols are implemented in audience safety distance and disinfection of all the surfaces and the equipment (VR headset), after each individual use. The use of the masks is mandatory by both staff and visitors while inside Espronceda. There are ventilators to provide a healthy atmosphere.

All visitors need to book an appointment to have their chance to enjoy the VR works (which is done at the purchase of tickets online).


ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art and Culture is giving access to all the content for a period of 1h to the visitors that will purchase in advance a ticket with a price of 10 euros. Ticket are available in ESPRONCEDA website, by means of the following Eventbrite event.

We encourage the visitors to prepare their visit beforehand by selecting the VR works they are interested in. During the visit each visitor will be assisted by a mediator on how to access the virtual world of Venice VR..

All the works in the selection are restricted to viewers ages 14 and above.


The visits are available every day from 2nd to 12th of September (see times below). Tickets are only available for sale online. There’s no ticket sales on sight. That allows us to provide a safe experience to visitors while observing the sanitary guidelines to the current covid19 situation.

From 2nd to 8th September, 12h to 22h (last entrance at 22h)

From 9th to 12th, 12h to 18h (last entrance at 17h)

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*The full amount of the tickets will be refunded in case of event cancellation.



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Alejandro Martín

Renata Procópio

Press release: CASTCATENG


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