VR/AI Residency opening and programe

Program of the VR/AI Residence 2020:


4th, Tuesday: 18h>>21h. Inaugural Talk (by invitation only)

5th, Wednesday10h>>14h. Kick-off Workshop. Fundació Epica.

6th, Thursday: 17>>19h. Hangar Open Day 17-19h (free visit)

7th, Friday: 11>>20h free visit during open hours. CCCB. Gameplay exhibition.

10th, Monday: 18h. Talk by Maria Almena. Kinetika.

11th, Tuesday: 16h>>19h. Workshop VR projects. Nuromedia

12th, Wednesday11h. Visit Fab Lab. IAAC.

13th Thursday16h>>19h. Workshop AI. Integration in Art projects.

14th Friday: 19h>>23h free visit during festival hours. Festival LLUM.

18th Tuesday: hour to be defined. Visit to the exhibition Poetic AI. IDEAL, Digital Art Centre

21st Friday: 15h>>18h Presentation prototypes. 19h>>21h30 Exhibition Opening.



Camille Baker, from UCA,  Santeri Soumien from Helsinki XR Centre and  Ulrich Schrauth, from VHRAM Festival.


Shivani Hassard, Clarice Hilton, Uwe Brunner, Cenk Guzelis, Chiara Passa, Kris Pilcher, Lauren Moffatt, 

Luis R. Ruiz, Jose Carlos Florez, Joan Soler Adillon and Bettina Katja Lange.


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