Opening @”Heard Through Mixfull Eyes” by Savina Tarsitano & Morris Rosenzweig – JAN 20th – 19h30

the artistic project and exhibition

“Heard Through Mixfull Eyes”,

by the Italian artist Savina Tarsitano and the American composer Morris Rosenzweig

Photo by Savina Tarsitano and video and music by Morris Rosenzweig.

From 20th to 29th of January 2017

A dialogue between photography, music, video, nature and heritage curated by Magali Moulinier, professor of Art Historian at RUFA, University of Fine Arts in Rome.
The exhibition is under the patronage of the Bogliasco Foundation, New York, the ACCR Paris, the RUFA-Rome Fine Arts University.

Some of the works of Savina have been realised during her residency programme of the Ambronay Abbey, France Fort Monostor Hungary,(CCR) – Odyssée Program – set up by the ACCR, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication of ACCR of Paris (Association of Cultural Encounter Centers), the Bogliasco Foundation, theEuropean project Et in Arcadia Ego.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona. And to the support of SILENT DISCO by SILENTSYSTEMTM and Moritz.
A thanks to Adn Platform Barcelona for the use of the space for the further development of the artistic research of Savina Tarsitano where she will spent some creative time.

Devoted to its mission as an International art center and its interdisciplinary aspirations, Espronceda launches its annual program with the exhibition Heard Through Mixfull Eyes, born from the collaboration of two artists, each working in two different disciplines : Morris Rosenzweig, a composer from New York City, and Savina Tarsitano, a visual artist from Italy exploring the world with the eye of a photographer. The Exhibition “Heard Through Mixfull Eyes” suggests an interdisciplinary dialog between photography, video and music, a journey, a magical route through emotion, history, identity and beauty. Paced by the evolution of each other’s work, this first exhibition establishes the first step of a cycle meant to expand and develop in time.

This exhibition is born from a unique form of collaboration between two artists at a distance, who have let their work interact freely without a precise orientation or initial constraint, and have shared an expressive material ready to be transformed. The result is a living and vibrant piece, the holder of an esthetic of life, fueled by plural themes, in which nature, historical and architectural heritage, landscapes, existential questions compose a new score.

The interdisciplinary in effect with Heard Through Mixfull Eyes – in the synergic play of the summoned disciplines; music and photography – lets us access the profound and hidden reality of a place, a landscape… the « inner voice » of Savina’s photography find in Morris’ notes an « overtone », the impalpable, the invisible.

Music here is not an accompanist act, in the same way Savina’s photography doesn’t force any primacy of contemplation : the artwork in its totality becomes a conceptual exercise forming a new language of unity. The absolute interdisciplinarity in Heard Through Mixfull Eyes signifies multi-sensory.
Morris’ music contributes to Savina’s work on emotional architecture like a flow of life and mystery. Favoring its intimate atmosphere over the historical narrative, its genius loci, the artist invites us to make the way backwards, and it is through the sensible memory and the experience of the place that she welcomes « the other » in her artwork.

Personifying architectures like living organisms, restoring corporeity to their shadows and past lights, gathering shreds of walls like one would honor the sacred wrinkles of a wise old man and make an installation of it, seizing the sacred moment of a cosmic tree between sky and earth, looking for the vectors, transmitters, invisible to the naked eyes : so many emotional visions that Savina offers as possible experiences. She does so without pretending to invent new forms of art, but by experimenting on languages allowing its access differently. Those sonic landscapes or visual compositions are so many forms of the sensible, giving a glimpse into the possibility of a contemporary contemplative experience.

Everyone perceives through the prism of its own experience, its culture, its own images: in that sense the spectator gets enriched at the contact of the piece as much as it enriches it. One can seize it and make it its own, because one can put some of itself in. In “Heard Through Mixfull Eyes”, the dialog established between the artist and the composer is then multiplied: proceeding by superimposition of the senses, it also welcomes the spectator’s sensibility.

The intersection of two narratives, one sonic and the other one visual, acts in a quasi-synesthesic dimension. Through a certain kind of secret analogy between all things, artists better than others know how to unfold the significance of what Baudelaire called the « forest of symbols » referring to the sensitive world. It is not a shattered vision but an enrichment, through simultaneous perception. Accessing the senses and essence through free analogy : it is up to us then to listen to the real.

Magali Moulinier

About the artists:

Savina Tarsitano

Morris Rosenzweig


  • 18.01.2017 at 7.30pm (Saló dels Atlants del Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona – Palau Pignatelli. C/ Arcs, 5 – 08002 Barcelona)
    Piano Concert by the pianist Lenio Liatsou, as part of the exhibition.
    Her program of modern works will include music and video by Morris Rosenzweig.
  • 19.01.2017 , at 7.00pm ( Espronceda Center)
    Preview and round table in presence of the composer Morris Rosenzweig, the poet Dinu Flamand, the curator Magali Moulinier, the conductor Maya Barsacq, Savina Tarsitano, Vice- Dean of Culture, Barcelona University Emmanuel Aramedia and Maribel Navarro Cortes and Jose Luis Terraza.
    Only invitations followed
  • 20.01.2017, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm (Espronceda Center) Opening of the exhibition: “Heard Through Mixfull Eyes”
  • 27.01.2017, from 7.30pm to10.30pm (Espronceda Center) Poet performance by the artist Albert Mestres and the actors Ferran Echegaray and Eva Ortega


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