Performance @ Concert URL Fighters Network

URL Fighters flyer 2

Friday 3rd of June, 20h30.

Video-performances PSP (Performance Shooting Protocole) y OPS (Ode Protection Start), 2016, de URL Fighters network: #215 (Victor Le), #777 (Andrea Bravo), #964 (Maud Vallée), #1695 (Grégoire Quillet). 

The PSP performance wants to connect the world of startups with artists, both creative and emerging. Creating this photograph where the artist defends the company logo metaphorically becomes sets him as its protector. The performance is an ongoing event that takes place every day of the Festival in cooperation with artists and startups of Barcelona. (Throughout the Festival). 

The work OPS is a sound performance built at the image of our society, fast and fluctuating, unwilling to be familiar nor pleasant; it is “electropost-punk psycho-bordélique”. The video projection is accompanied by a choreographic performance, while a sound composition of voice and analog and digital instruments is played. (Friday 3 to 20h30).


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