Guilhem Senges

Date: 14/November/2018 Category:

About the Artist

Guilhem Senges is a French Sculptor and Photographer. His work explores the connections between both mediums in an experimental artistic dialogue. Interactive and sound installations play with the magic of photographic processes, using small and large format pinhole cameras as well as huge cameras obscura allowing the viewer to enter this fascinating universe. The artist likes to define his work as «Minimalism-Brutalism», playing with rough materials and analog photography to create unique large-size pieces. He is actually the owner of one of the few «Camera Vans» in the world, with which he creates and produces rare direct-negative large format photography.

Senges has had individual exhibitions and has participated in group shows in Spain, France, England, Canada and Belgium among others. His works have been exhibited in galleries (Art Sablon – Bruxelles, JFK – Bruxelles, Tagomago – Paris & Barcelona, Little Big Galerie – Paris, Clark – Montreal, Loft Photo – Bruxelles etc.), in Art Fairs (Swab Barcelona, Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, YIA Art Fair Bruxelles, RPPC Paris, Foto Art Fair Barcelona, Madrid Foto etc.), have been sold in public auctions (Drouot Paris) and form part of several private collections.