Juan Rubiano

Date: 06/June/2024 Category:

Juan Rubiano, a M.F.A visionary artist deeply involved in the world of media art, weaves intricate narratives that mirror the human psyche within our intricate social context. His installations and digital explorations delve into the collective trauma etched into our collective memory. Through glitched visuals and immersive installations, Juan invites the audience to face their own vulnerabilities, questioning the very essence of our existence in these post-humanistic times.

He uses his own experiences as research field and creates an ambivalence between the digital and the real, the inner and the outer self, the individual and the collective, the natural and the artificial, to mark out the blurry boundaries of both sides.

His work intends to develop awareness about racional postures that anthropocentric times demand, his interactive installations  connect the audience to objects or digital environments where the viewer can not only immerse but spread themselves through information tracked, interpretated and audi-visualised on multiple ways.