Marta Juvanteny

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About the artist

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Marta Juvanteny Colell (Barcelona, ​​April 26, 1981) is an artist and teacher at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Born and grows in Sant Feliu de Llobregat. He studied in Barcelona at the School of Arts and Crafts La Llotja, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (UB) 2007, made the European Master of Production and artistic research and enrolled in the Guild of Jewelers, watchmakers, and goldsmiths of Catalonia (JORC, 2007). Much of his work is based on the REFUGE. The perception of a hypnotic and spiral time. Juvanteny explores mental spaces, mapping thought, and communication. In his first works, Juvanteny explores the limit of survival in relation to urban space. Maps without paths, mental walls, skies were woven by electrical wiring and geometric densities of modular spaces. In his first exhibitions “Urban Densities”, “Metamorphosis”, “Stress Post visual” Juvanteny shows the metamorphosis of a work that goes from figurative narration to the most intimate concept. “Natures”, Juvanteny is committed and takes refuge in the dialogue with nature through light, form, and movement, working with the rhythm of the species. Later he puts order and synthesizes the form in relation to the cosmos and mathematics. His paintings become more balanced and hypnotic, with a challenging view. As a technical consequence, Juvanteny seeks perfection in his paintings by rubbing the inevitable sense of deception with his “Layers”, skins like porous fabrics where light is filtered from the outside to the inside from the inside out. “Wireless connections” explores the cyber-hypnotic refuge of the machine, where it continues to refine the technique, and at the same time eliminates the gesture, taking refuge at the same time as its own work, in search of a space or mental zone through the hypnosis produced by the light, color and repetition of form. Shelters used to transfigure reality and to connect reality and fiction. Currently with “0 = I”, Juvanteny draws anthropologies of the present. Build perceptual architectures and thought maps. Topographies of the communication in a time hijacked by the blue light of the digital screens. It eliminates the color in order to give a stand to the present continuous in a time characterized by the urgency in it and consequently by the excesses of the “now”.