Lisa Rubin

Date: 12/December/2019 Category:

About the artist

Lisa Rubin is a Spanish/American artist currently based in Barcelona. She works primarily with collage, making beautiful, thoughtful, and humorous compositions inspired by mythology and by her own life experiences. Identity, mortality and creation are all subjects that come in to play, brought to life through stories, characters and playful words. Collage is a medium which allows her the freedom to address many subjects, but also follows her belief that art should be made out of everything. Her work is immensely symbolic, every component has not just one, but many, reasons for being there. She is largely inspired by literature and the natural world, particularly the strong female mythological characters who have a powerful presence in her work.

“Lisa’s work attempts to raise dead matter, to raise the indifferent images we’re surrounded with into the status of myth. To gather bits of ephemera and with them coddle together the shape of a soul.”