Nathalie Rey

Date: 04/November/2020 Category:


Nathalie Rey is a French artist based in Barcelona since 2006.
She had a long academic career in the field of Humanities, with a Ph.D. in architecture, a
degree in Literature and in Fine Arts, before dedicating herself to artistic creation. Currently,
she works with galleries in Barcelona, Madrid and London.
Her work, technically eclectic, has followed a kind of narrative thread for years, which
oscillates between episodes of contemporary history and personal events. Thus a disturbing
parallel is being generated between the dramas of Humanity and individual wounds.
At the same time, she adopts an anti-mercantile position, since she relates and expresses
through an ironic pop aesthetic characterized by the artistic re-use of waste and materials of
industrial origin, the attraction / repulsion that the human and ecological tragedies inherent in
our society arouses in her.