DUST MIGHT, 6th of October, @7PM

DUST MIGHT, 6th of October, @7PM,

 by Gabriel Ribeiro // Curated by Ian Galvão

”Those were the hottest days of summer, when dust mites compulsively ate the edges of a poem until they reached the center. Here, the sun that gradually reveals images of lives invisible to the naked eye is the same sun that annihilates them. The herbs on the edge of the precipice were melted. Daylight reveals, engraves and sculpts what the wind brought: dead skin cells, hair, pollen, or any other matter that has been reduced to dust. These images were processed for days under the sun, and are similar to those seen with eyes closed during a feverish delirium: a sweaty body rests on a piece of foam on the roof, as a moist pattern begins to form on its porous, yellowish surface. It was a 20-day long fever.’’ Ian Gavião

Curatorial text: DUSTMIGHT.TXT.ENG

Oct 6: 19h
Oct 7 & 8: Open by Appt Only
Oct 9 – Oct 12: 18h – 21h



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