EMOTION BLENDER, 10.05, @18:30h


While we are debating what we think of AI,
have we stopped to think what it thinks of us?


A live event that uses the facial expression of participants to create digital “art” generated by an AI facial recognition program. The process reads one participant at a time to fill the wall with how the AI is interpreting “reading” their expressions.



  • You and a friend stand in front of a camera connected to the AI Program.
  • Your friend shows you a clip of a video (about 10 seconds) on their phone that they prepared in advance for you that you do not know about.
  • You watch the video without moving your head, reacting authentically.
  • The AI program “reads” your face, attempting to determine your emotional response and creates a digital work of “art” from that.
  • Then you switch places, and you show a video to your friend that you prepared while they react.
  • Each of you will “create” a separate work of “art” with the AI that you will receive afterwards.


  • Avoid graphically sexual, gory, or offensive images.
  • Length: you will only show 10 seconds of the video to your partner so make sure you have it ready at the time you want to start.
  • Sound: Prepare headphones if sound is important
  • Possible Topics:
    • Something sentimental – like a romantic scene from a movie
    • Something silly – like a short, funny video from social media
    • Something scary – like a spider (but not bloody)
    • Someone they love – you can do a few images of a loved one
    • Something inspiring – a few seconds of music that they love to motivate themselves
    • Something curious, surprising, or intriguing
    • You know your friend, be creative, you want to elicit a strong response if possible.

Explore the possibilities of human-AI interaction through Juliana and Audrey Vrady’s interactive installation that uses an AI program to read your face and then generate digital “art” (available for you after the exhibition).


Friday, 10, May, 2024

At 18.30h until 21h (or more – ish)

Meet the artists, watch as other performing artists express themselves for the AI program, and try it yourself, with music provided by DJ Upprecetption. 

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture is honored to host this one night event of this evocative installation in collaboration with Theater in Palm & the IMMENSIVA Festival.



  • 18.30h Intro & Short Interview with Artists
  • 19h Guest Artists perform in front of camera (15)
  • Public is invited to participate/make expressions in front of camera one by one
  • DJ and festive environment until 22h

About The Artists 

Juliana and Andrey VRADY are multimedia artists based in Germany. Andrey has been an artistic director of leading print and advertising companies for many years. He is keen on undertaking experiments with photography, making digital collages and finding new aesthetics in the new media. Juliana, his other half, comes from the film industry. The duo has achieved several milestones in interactive works and is still developing further. Their latest two media art installations, running as part of Future Forum (DWIH NY) in New York and Campus Germany (EXPO 2020) in Dubai, were inspired by the dialogue between people and technology.


More information: http://wrady.com/



Event photos:



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