exhibit @Real Life – Sanja Milenkovic, Sept 6th 19h30

Real Life

by Sanja Milenkovic and Zhuang Xueying

curated by Savina Tarsitano and Nicolas Martino

Opening reception Wednesday, 6th September 7:30pm.

Exhibition from September 5th > 19th

Real Life is an exhibition based on a personal experience in living Barcelona of the Serbian artist Sanja Milenkovic, winner of the International Prize Arte Laguna, Venice.

The project will be on how common life, human experience, people and nature can become a narrative, a human experience through a poetic imaginary vision of common people and landscape, where the main artistic language is the figurative art.  As the artist says: “My inspiration comes from different constancy scenes and situations from the real life. I like the moment when the painting is changing and suddenly there is a perfect disorder and some imaginary conversation between the people.”

In the words of Saatchi art curator, Jessica McQueen, “Sanja explores the human condition in her vibrant paintings. She focuses on the role of an individual in the urban environment, juxtaposing quotidian metropolitan scenes of traffic, pedestrians, and crowds with natural elements like parks and shrubbery.” The project will be in cooperation with Arte Laguna Prize, Venice and curated by Savina Tarsitano.

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