La Comedie Virtuelle


“La Comedie Virtuelle” by Gilles Jobin Cia: June 12, 13, 19 and 20.

The Comédie Virtuelle is a multi-user virtual reality experience that allows the public to visit the Future Comédie de Genève, the new building of the oldest theater in Geneva that will open its new facilities next year. The public will be able to move around the different areas of the building interacting with the space, as well as with other “visitors”. As for Cie Gilles Jobin’s first immersive virtual reality creation, VR_I, there is no technology for technology, but a real non-linear narrative, real aesthetic issues and a genuine artistic creation and, above all, the construction of a new creative space and accommodation. for virtual projects. La Comédie Virtuelle is an innovative and social project, accessible both with a virtual reality device and remotely from a computer screen.


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