Opening @ “BURBUJAS DE OCIO” 17th March – 8pm




Public Opening on March 17th, 8pm.

The exhibition “Burbujas de Ocio” is based on the book of the same title by Roberto Igarza, and is an artistic reflection on the following ideas: 

“The distribution of leisure time, especially among the people living in the big cities, is changing. Work and extra-work life is full of little pauses. New generations are mixing together entertainment and production in very different ways from previous generations. Their world is filled with micro-pauses that coincide with the time to watch a video on the Internet or to consult a blog. Leisure has become interstitial, slipping out through tasks for school, waiting times, during short trips. With the appearance of these bubbles of time, new media and mobile devices play a leading role in people’s life and in their consumption of culture. Mobile reception especially favours the use of these bubbles in order to access and even produce and distribute contents which, generally, are time brevities.”

The exhibition displays art works that use or question these micro-leisures, the new human behaviours, the birth of the WIFI citizen and his needs, multitasking and immediacy in the digital era. “Burbujas de Ocio” aims to draw spectators into the dynamics of this micro-leisure use, creating an experience in front of each art work.

This exhibition will then be exported to an art center in London and New York afterwards, as it also wants to give international visibility to the Catalan participating artists and contribute in their professional career.

Artists: Joan Fontcuberta (Cat), Paul Myoda (US), Sabrina Ratté (Can), Marta Juvanteny (Cat), Berto Matínez Tello (Cat), Narcís Díaz Pujol (Cat), Juan Cabrer (Bal), Grup Acneo (Cat).

Project produced by Espronceda and curated by Alejandro Martín.




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