Deadline: 20 August 2022

In the framework of the European project: “Empowerment social inclusion group through creativity and cultural works”,
Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture offers a two-day training “fellowship” aimed at providing participants with skills on how to build an artistic career, how to promote, sponsor and exhibit their works.

The training will be characterised by theoretical and practical modules. ON-SITE activity.
The topics will cover the following subjects:
-How to write an artist biography, how to create a portfolio, write and present an art project.
-How to select the images of the works presented taking into consideration the coherence between the images and the artistic research.
-How to understand the art world, where to exhibit your work. Analysing and mapping the art world.
-How to publish and make your work visible and how to start an artistic career on a digital platform and social networks.

During the two days of training will be offered:
-theoretical and practical training, material that can also be used after the workshop, coffee and a final lunch or dinner.

The project is involving cultural, artistic and research organisations to stimulate European awareness and empower people of current and future generations to respect inclusion and diversity and to be innovative and successful in their local environment. The main objective is to support artists from social inclusion groups to present and promote their artworks in post-Covid-19 circumstances and inspire their cooperation within European countries, and to equip artists and cultural workers with the necessary innovative skills and competences to foster their creativity and the creation of new artworks, thus facilitating the process of integration and promotion.

TO PARTICIPATE: Send a letter of presentation of your work and motivation to the following emails: and

SPEAKERS: Savina Tarsitano, Alessia Gervasoni, Renata Procópio.

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