Roundtable @Towards a new alliance – JAN 19th – 19h


Towards a new alliance: interdisciplinary and contemporary art. Innovation or conventional?

19thJanuary 2017 at 7pm,  in occasion of the exhibition

“Heard Through Mixfull Eyes”

by Savina Tarsitano and Morris Rosenzweig

 Interventions by:

Magali Moulinier, Historian and Art Design, independent curator, RUFA, Rome University of Fine arts, Italy

Morris Rosenzweig, American composer

Louis Terraza, Catalan poet and artist

Maya Bersacq, American/French conductor and former opera singer

Savina Tarsitano, artist and member of the European Culture Parliament

Dr. Manuel Aramendía, Vice Dean of Culture Faculty of Fine Arts Barcelona

Maribel Navarro, Representative of the catalunya GREMIO galleries

Dinu Flamand, Romanian poet

Fabian Vogler, German Artist and Sculptor

During the debate is planned a reading of Dinu Flamand poems inspired by Savina Tarsitano’s work and interpreted by the actress Veronica Isola

Musical Interlude by the pianist Pauline Dumanaite.

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