Transcendence, talk by Maria Almena

The creative director of Kimatica Studio will present the talk “Transcendence”: new media performances and altered states of consciousness next Monday, at 19h, at nave 10 of Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture as part of the Immensiva VR/AI Residency.

The capacity of the public is limited to 40 people. The door opens at 19h, the speech will start at 19h30.

“How live performance art in combination with interactive technology can induce altered states of consciousness for purposes of transcendence”

The main focus of this talk is to explore the recontextualization of the concept of transcendence as an altered state of experience within new media art performances.
Is there a transcendental art movement in the contemporary new media art scene? and, does it exist in response to the lack of emotional and spiritual connection in our Western Society?
How could we use our contemporary mediums, tools, and techniques to create altered state-based experiences that can have beneficial effects for artists, audiences and our society as a whole?


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