Roundtable @ ‘Towards a new alliance’ – 8th July 19.30h

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ESPRONCEDA cordially invites you to the International debate on the 8th of July at 19.30 in occasion of ART NOU

“Towards a new alliance: What is the role of University, foundation, gallery, International and European mobility programs on the professional career of an emergent artist?”

The debate wants, on the one hand, to examine the role of the university, in particularly the impact of the European programs, as Erasmus mobility on the professional career of an emergent artist, on the other side the role played by gallery, art foundations, art centres in connection with artist mobility. The main question will focus if nowadays the Universities are playing a new and more active role than in the past? Mobility, whether for work, study, research, co-production, or participation in a residency or exchange programme, is becoming an integral part of the regular practice and career of artists and culture professionals. And The role of the European Commission is to support and complement the actions of the Member States in order to reduce barriers to mobility, provide the right environment for it, and ensure that information and advice on mobility-related issues is easy to obtain, accurate, and comprehensive. But the question is how gallery, Art foundations, art center, University face this new challenge? Are we facing a new alliance? And How artist react on that?

The debate is in cooperation with Visual Art University RUFA in connection with Art Nou festival for emerging artists.


Magali Moulinier, Historian and Art Design, independent curator RUFA, Rome University of fine arts Italy 

Holger Sprengel, director for external relations, Elia Sabato, artist Co-founder Espronceda 

Savina Tarsitano, ambassador Rebirth project of Michelangelo Pistoletto UNIDEE Universita’ delle Idee, Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy 

Quim Cantalozella, artist and director of Studies, Facultat de Belles Artes, Universitat de Barcelona 

Charlie Taché, director of the Gallery Carles Taché – Vocal de la junta Art Barcelona and coordinator of Art Nou 

Albert Mestres, writer, professor of dramaturgy of Institut del Teatre, Barcelona 

Guillermo Pfaff, Artist 

Talk with emerging artists in residency at Espronceda:

Lorenza CulletChristophe Constantin and Fabian Vogler

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