Patricio Tejedo

Date: 05/July/2021 Category:

Patricio Tejedo works with materials that nature provides us, such as soil, ash, clay or sand in order to revalue them and give them a new use, discovering their potentialities. The process of getting these materials from nature, cleaning and mixing them with water, leads him to the creation of objects, a creative process that materializes the process of converting the dust (nothingness) into objects (something) or into space. In “Del Objeto al Espacio” project, these objects take the form of 4.5 cm3 blocks, a measure that corresponds to the size of his hands, which for the artist symbolize a
beginning, an object, a space or an ensemble of spaces that embrace bodies and ideas, a common place.

The architectural background of Tejedo opens new spaces in his creation, in where the artist aims to get off the wall and the canvas as a painter. In his installation – consisting of two parabolic arches within a 50 x 50 cm grid, made of cloth and painted with soil with a gradient (from nothing to something), the artist explores new materialities – such as cloths – by creating and incorporating a human scale space where the audience is
invited to experience his work space wise, to walk through it and to observe the fifty six blocks of soil by creating different flows and paths.

Patricio Tejedo’s installation is complemented with the documentation of his work process composed by images, sketches, the materials he works with and texts, and shown as a sort of an itemized booklet with the aim to involve the public in his creative procedure by engaging them to re-value these materials and showing that they are accessible to everyone.