Date: 13/May/2021 Category:

Meet Rixie, the inner creative of Federico Richardson. Although born in El Salvador 1988, Rixie has only recently emerged & embarked on a mission to represent meaningful stories through his pieces.

Different sized frames &  canvas, but all featuring clear brushstrokes of street art inspiration.

As the lockdown shut down the world in March 2020, Federico switched off and Rixie came to life! Self-taught the discovery of abstract art, from his own little studio in Barcelona, inaugurated his creative fuse and immersed his soul into the world of art. His style, often inspired by masters like Basquiat, slowly took form. Rixie had (finally) found his perfect platform for storytelling.

After a year of discovery and refinement, finally an opportunity to challenge and expose his skillset. Serendipity would perfectly describe Rixie’s official launch to the public late March 2021. In his first ever exhibition titled ´Je suis arrivé,’ Rixie wanted to let his entourage know that he had arrived; ready for a deeper exploration into his adventurous artistical facet. Creating such a substantial collection not only fuelled his enthusiasm, but exposed his adaptability as an artist. Eclectic & abstract, or clean & refined?

Rixie’s art, is a combination of world criticism and elegant strokes of ordinary brushes. Together, these will merge to make him the artist he strives on being; a creative leaving his mark on the world, yet not a product of the Fine Art Tradition.